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Top Tips on how to save money in 2019

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Top tips on how to save money in 2019

The great thing about saving money is that no matter where you are on your financial journey, it’s never too late to save money, ready for greater opportunities in the future. Although these tips might appear obvious & sound easy, they will not just happen on their own, however with masses of determination you can achieve greater financial comfort in no time at all.


Have you heard of the term ‘gratification’ ? Gratification is that good feeling you get after, for example, buying something that you like or have wanted over a long period of time.

Why not try the 20-Day challenge? If you can hold off buying something for 20 days, the possibility of you realising that you don’t actually need it as much as you thought you did, is typically surprisingly high. Although we all often seek instant gratification in order to lift our moods, typically we find that having the item you have decided to try the 20-day challenge upon will invariably not make you any happier than you were before.

The 20-Day challenge is a great method to helping you save money, and you will be most likely be surprised by the actual amount of money you save if you succeed.


One of the most common and significant challenges we face in today’s world, is the constant targeting we are exposed to which seeks to persuade us to buy additional ‘great-tasting’ food. It is more than likely that you already have enough food in your fridge to provide your evening meals throughout the week.However despite this we invariably still decide to order a take-away meal regularly. For many of us, the gratification we get from eating food that we did not cook is often (although not always) much higher than from food that we cook ourselves. However it is rarely justified by the increased cost you pay for a take-away meal, and sometimes this increased cost could reach or approach the total cost of your regular weekly food shop ? Although it is not to say that the odd take-away meal treat say, once a month, is a bad thing to do, but if this begins to develop into an increasingly common habit,, then it will definitely be a significant factor that’s holding you back from achieving a goal you might have set yourself for a high level of savings in your bank account.

Home is where the Heart is

Are you a party animal? The recent introduction of, for example, contactless card payment technology has made spending money so much easier, and as a result we typically give this much less thought than before. As an alternative strategy to consider from time to time, why not look to save more than half of what you might otherwise spend on a night out by instead grabbing a bottle from your nearest shop and invite all your pals over ? You might even go further, and ask everyone to bring one bottle of something and one snack themselves? That way you will end up with a variety of treats and drinks, for a cost which is no more than you might typically spend on just taxis during your night out !

Moving Bank Accounts

If you are still paying a monthly fee to your bank for your current account, it is worth searching around for a better offer from another bank. A lot of banks now offer you an incentive (typically of c. £100) if you transfer all your regular income and payments to a new current account with them, and with no monthly ongoing bank fees either.. Who can say no to free money?

For savings accounts, while interest rates are no longer as high as they used to be, shopping around to find a better rate, even if only a small increase, will invariably add up to a significant sum in the long run.

Mistakes? You mean Lessons

If you make a mistake on your journey to financial freedom then don’t feel defeated. Consider what your bank balance might have been in the absence of the mistake, but then consider it not as a mistake but as a lesson learned, and then continue to apply that lesson in the future and realise an actual increase in your bank balance as a result. . Don’t let a mistake potentially lead you to more mistakes, but instead perceive it as a lesson.


The most important tip is to never give up. Keep fighting for that glamorous balance in your bank account you set yourself as a goal, and slowly but surely it will begin to grow. You may have a target amount that you are aiming for, to perhaps buy a house or a new car, so continue to save and the gratification you will receive in due course from achieving that will feel much more rewarding than the take away meal you decided to forego.


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