The need for an accountant

First question – Is managing it yourself worth the stress?

It may seem cheaper to look after your day to day compliance and bookkeeping, but we have seen a large number of candidates stress over the time it can take, the uncertainty of it and trying to stay on top of it. At the same time, the nature of self-employment particularly in the logistics sector, means income is irregular, dealing with multiple assignments and operating flexible hours. This might mean that a traditional high street accountant is unlikely to meet your individual needs.

Secondly - Compliance

It is more apparent that you need to make sure that you are 100% compliant. Few individuals are prepared for a large bill of penalties, accrued interest and tax due as a result of non-compliance.

From claiming allowable expenses to structuring salary and dividend payments, ensuring your tax obligations are minimised within the legal framework is a daunting task.

On top of that thrown into the mix – You now have the evolved IR35 to consider. At Accountancy Partners our services are structured in a way to offer you all or some of these tasks, allowing you the freedom to decide which parts of the process you are comfortable managing yourself and the areas you may require professional advice.

The packages and associated fees are set out below:

Essentials Package - £12.50

  • Weekly invoicing to your client;
  • Management of cash receipts/debt collection;
  • Advice on tax efficient methods of personal remuneration from your Ltd PSC;
  • Payment of Crown Payments (HMRC) when they fall due;
  • Ltd company Year-end statutory accounts;

Full-Service Package - £25.00

  • Essential package plus;
  • Holding funds in a client account for settlement of all Crown Payments;;
  • Processing of any legitimate and substantiated HMRC allowable expenses;
  • Company Secretarial duties;
  • Preparation and submission of personal tax returns;

Choosing Accountancy Partners

Working closely with Accountancy Partner, we hope to give guidance, the peace of mind of knowing that your administration and finances are compliant, up-to-date and in order.