Becoming an Employee through a Payroll Provider

If you choose to work through an Accountancy Partners through our Payroll scheme. It then contracts out your services to the end client or agency. The umbrella company pays you directly after making the necessary deductions for tax and National Insurance contributions on a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) basis.

You’re an employee of Accountancy Partners regardless of what contract you are working. You have the freedom of working for various contracts and being paid by the same employer.

All paperwork is completed and taken care of, however Accountancy Partners will retain a small margin for providing your services. You will generally see a higher rate given to you by Client or agency.

This Payroll option may not suit everyone. Compared to a limited company, you will not be able to claim as much tax relief. Also, your status in the eyes of the end client may show you as being less established or experienced.

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Set Up

Accountancy Partners can help you set up – Its quick and easy – Just submit your timesheet and expenses through the portal. All insurance, holiday is taken off.

No Risk

Accountancy Partners makes sure that all tax and National Insurance is deducted so there is no need to worry.


You will be paid prompt every week on a Thursday. (if all time sheets are submitted correctly)