About Accountancy Partners

A Fresh Approach to Contracting

Accountancy Partners provide a fresh new approach to Commercial Contracting. Our aim is to ensure we give the best possible customer care, ensuring ALL of our Contractors are paid accurately and on time.

For Contractors working on certain contracts, we are able to pay on a THURSDAY, rather than our competitors who pay contractors on a Friday.

If you are an independent Contractor or if you are working on site through a Recruitment Agency, then we will have a solution for you. As one of our Contractors you will be able to utilise one of our Contracting Solutions depending on the circumstances surrounding your assignment.

The solutions are PAYE or Limited Company. We will happily talk you through each solution with you, and help you decide which solution best suits your contracting situation.

This may be dependent on factors such as length of assignment, rate of pay, travel to work, minimum earnings, frequency of work. Our aim is to ensure we maximise your take home pay, and you are able to claim any tax relief you are entitled to.

So call us today on 033 033 36572 to find out how we can help you maximise your potential earnings.

Primary Solution Limited Company

A solution for genuine Self Employed subcontractors working outside of the construction industry. Our largest sector is LOGISTICS and we aim to be the first choice to HGV Contractors.

We understand that self-employed subcontractors are responsible for their own business and want to decide what work to complete and when. Our solution specialises in supporting Personal Service Company's (PSCs) for Contractors, running a full accountancy service for the Ltd company and the Director.

Working with an alliance of over 700 Recruitment Agencies, we can also help to put you in touch with new business in your area.