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What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella company allows temporary contractors and freelancers to work multiple assignments through multiple agencies, whilst having a single employer.

Being paid through an umbrella company can have many benefits, from ensuring a consistency of PAYE tax deductions, to building a solid employment history whilst providing total peace of mind. This continuity of employment and financial stability for the worker can often lead to improved success with mortgage and other credit applications.

As Accountancy Partners become the employer, you can relax knowing there is no risk the worker, agency or hirer. We take full responsibility for paying contractors a salary, providing full comprehensive PL & PI insurance along with paying all tax and national insurance liabilities to HMRC every week.

How do contractors benefit from working with AP Umbrella?

  • Your full employment rights are guaranteed by AP, so enjoy being a temporary worker with full employment rights
  • Hassle Free. No unexpected tax bills, and nothing to do at the end of the tax year
  • You can work safe in the knowledge your PAYE and NI deductions have been taken deducted at source, every time you work
  • You have continuity of employment whilst moving from agency to agency, assignment to assignment
  • One tax code across multiple agency assignments
  • You will enjoy AP rewards, an exclusive employee benefits platform, giving you the ability to save hundreds of pounds
  • You will be enrolled into AP’s workplace pension scheme, NEST

Choosing an umbrella company

We know that there are lots of Umbrella Companies out there, and it can be a minefield to choose the one for you. As the calculations from one Umbrella Company to another should always be the same, it is important to select an Umbrella Company that has some additional benefits for you and operates in a honest and ethical way. Call Accountancy Partners today to understand how our service sets us apart from our competitors.