Professional Employment Organisation | Accountancy Partners


What is PEO (PAYE)?

It’s really simple, PEO (Professional Employment Organisation) is straight up PAYE for the contractor and an outsourced payroll function for agencies and end hirers. When a worker is engaged with Accountancy Partners PEO, they are fully employed and are paid PAYE at their actual quoted gross rates agreed by the agency or hirer. Employment costs are dealt with separately between PEO and agency or hirer, the contractor is never charged for the service so their payslip is straightforward, transparent and they know exactly what their rate of pay is every time.

Contractors are employed, so they are entitled to the same statutory benefits as permanent employees, and better still, they also have access to an exclusive range of rewards, high street discounts and wellbeing perks via our ap rewards platform.

Why Choose AP PEO?


  • Complete Supply Chain Transparency – Simple process, full visibility of the payroll process
  • Increased Candidate Experience – Attract and retain candidates with positive experiences
  • Improved Cash Flow – Free payment terms helping your business grow, based on approval
  • Cost Savings – Reduce your internal costs, improve efficiencies by outsourcing



  • Simple pay rates – Get paid the actual gross rate quoted by their agency
  • Straight forward payslip – No employment costs or margin charged
  • Daily Payroll – Make every day a payday. Our standard pay day is Thursday, but contractors can choose to get paid early with a simple request
  • 24/7 Online Portal - Access payslips, upload receipts for expenses, request pay on a day that suits them and redeem benefits with a single sign-in
  • Full Employed Status – Benefit from receiving holiday pay (from gross rate) and all statutory entitlements
  • Fully Insured and Compliant – Insurance cover provided throughout the assignment and all personal taxes paid, so no unexpected surprises
  • Employee Benefits – Take advantage of savings on high street shopping, including seven major supermarkets, eating out, special rate cinema tickets, discounted gym memberships and our Fuel Card which offers discounted fuel at over 35% of the UK motorway service stations. Find out more here.